Officially Official.


Mom (Ellie) and I started talking and we came to the conclusion that we needed an official Windy Meadows website. Seemed super easy in my mind… but once I started to create this site, It came to my attention that Windy Meadows isn’t just one thing. WM is a sanctuary, it’s a working horse farm, it’s a place for misfits, it’s a place to learn, a place to share, a place to party, it’s it something a little different to each of us. WM is a complex machine that wears many hats. I have created this website as a place to keep up with WM’s happenings. As you may know, two separate Facebook pages can be hard to keep up with, so here is everything in one location. I am going to keep this first blog post short and sweet just to welcome you to our new site! I hope you enjoy it and take some time to look around and see all that WM offers! I built this entire website today, it is very fresh and I am sure there are mistakes and typos all over the place. It is an active site that will constantly update and change. We hope you like it!


-T guesswhochac

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