You’re invited to spend a day @ WM on August 5, 2018


Who doesn’t love brunch… and horses?… I’m going to take a wild guess and say that everyone who reads this at least likes one of the two, and if you do….


What is our event?? — and When??

The official name of our event is called the Region 14 Annual Meeting… but really…that’s a boring title… so here’s what it really is! …. our event on august 5th, 2018 is a morning filled with waffles, powdered sugar, maple syrup…

whoa.. I must be hungry because I drooled a little.

Anyway, yes! Q & A Sweet Treats (Located in La Grange) along with WM will be offering a spread of delicious local breakfast foods, and treats.


After all your noms, you are invited to join Ellie Troutman on a WM farm tour. This tour will let you experience what our book tours and farm tours are all about, free of charge. (You are most welcome to make a donation to the Region 14 Club or to Windy Meadows. All Donations to WM are saved and only used towards seized and surrendered horses.) You are welcome to pet, love on, and take selfies with all of WM Horse’s and story book characters.


Ellie Troutman will also be giving a presentation and diving into the subjects of farm tours, tourism, and why tourism is so important, and all about branding locally and how to stay focused on your dreams and goals.   She will also be answering any questions that have to do with horses and Kentucky tourism.

Goodbye Horse & The Tails of Windy Meadows books will be available for purchase – signed and personalized copies are available upon request.




During this really fun day you can also look forward to educational demos, door prizes, talking about ranch horse and an introduction to Meredith & Molly’s new natural equine care grooming products  and a “how to” on the products. Meredith & Molly will also have other products they offer! We don’t want to spill the beans on everything, so you’ll just have to come see for yourself!



We want to encourage anyone and everyone to come to our event. This event isn’t just horse show people or even horse people! If you want to have a peaceful fun morning surrounded by snugly horses and dogs, then come on out. If you are interested in connecting with a huge variety of different people from all different age ranges and backgrounds from Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia then come on out. If you have an interest in horses in general, please come! If you want to get involved, learn about equine volunteer opportunities.. then come on out! Come One, Come All… We’ve got Popcorn, and hot dogs… oh oops.. my inner carnie is showing. Anyway- all horse enthusiasts are welcome.

This is your opportunity to see WM and what we have to offer for yourself without an appointment!

We ask that you please leave your dogs, cats, and parrots at home.


At 10:00am we will be kicking off with a small introduction and then brunch

After Brunch it’s all that other fun stuff and farm tours until 1:00 pm.

At 1:00 The Region 14 Annual Meeting will take place, along with the Election of Officers.

Below is additional information that you might be interested in…

What is Region 14? What does that mean?

Welcome to AHA Region 14

Made up of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia (a central area of the United States), it is also the “center” of considerable horse activity, not only from its leadership in the Arabian horse community in America, but also for its range of activities.

The rolling fields and hills of some portions of the region have provided beautiful and challenging sites for national competitive and endurance rides over the years. Each May, the nationally-recognized Buckeye Sweepstakes horse show rolls around, giving us a preview of winners to come at the U.S. Nationals. This show is one of the most prestigious Arabian horse shows in the country and we are proud that it happens in our region! And speaking of regions and shows, the Silverama comes around in June every year. This is the Region 14 regional championship show, and what a show it is. Known as one of the “toughest” shows, in terms of competition, this show has garnered praise and compliments from exhibitors nationwide for the quality of the facility – the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky – and the professionalism of those working to see that the show is one of the best in the country. We also have many smaller breed and open shows throughout our region that encourage competition at all levels and many disciplines, including dressage and sport horse.

The Al Marah Arabian Horse Gallery, completed in 2010, is an impressive permanent exhibit that is part of the Kentucky Horse Park’s museum. Annually over one million people visit the park and have an opportunity to see the wonderful Arabian horse. We are honored to have this as part of our region.

We all know that owning horses does not necessarily mean showing them. We encourage people to enjoy their horses in any way they can including recreational riding programs. We have numerous local clubs and delegates, elected annually from these clubs, attend the national AHA convention. They speak for you and others, so make sure you know your club’s delegates and let them know your thoughts and feelings. Regional meetings are held regularly and you are invited and encouraged to attend. Work through your clubs and their officers and your regional officers — keep involved, keep informed and most of all, keep enjoying your beautiful Arabian and Half-Arabian horses!

Read more at –

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