Generation Horseman

What generation horsemen are you? Is this new to you and no one gets it? Something about horses …you needed all your life the “ thing” you’ve been missing ? Or are the roots much deeper ? 1st generation 2nd ? 3rd, 4th or more ?

For Windy Meadows it’s like the mighty oak & maybe that makes us acorns (nuts for sure). Pieces of by gone eras adorn windy meadows, trophies silks, dusty carts & harness …. pics & memories stall drapes & chrome shoes of champions … all we have honored & held dear we envied the “Man” he was tough brutally honest, talented beyond measure & a champion a true horseman. A Farrier in the shoeing shed in Springfield Illinois in the 50’s a hall if fame trainer …. as Louisville approaches Bacon Stable drapes, tack trunks & tack sit quiet in the museum tack room of WM but the memories burn deep in the souls of us “ the acorns” the hearts of those that truly loved him & a spark of tenacity to want to be in “ the game “ like the man …. maybe there is one piney out there some where that will make it happen ….

These beautiful pictures are a small collection that showcase some of the very greats that passed through Bacon Stables. Photo Credits- Michael Bacon (and many great photographers).

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