Goodbye Horse

Goodbye Horse is in it’s final stages of publishing … a lot of people have asked about the book & I wanted to share this portion so there is a clear understanding about it’s purpose. Grief, loss & heartbreak regarding our beloved animals & pets is as difficult for some as the loss of human life. Helping children understand loss & grief is a step that many parents have difficulty or simply can’t do. The colorful illustrations by co creators Sally Angela Schlegel & Kassidy Smith help show the auras & energies the love & power & passion through the story. Get your tissue box.

A true story of love and loss … Sometimes there is nothing more that can be done for our loved ones battling illness. In this beautiful book, Goodbye Horse, horse and companion discover the true meaning of their relationship, the strength to fight the battle, and the heartbreak and pain of letting go. Ellie Troutman, author of the tails of Windy Meadows, shares her journey, the story of her beloved champion Arabian stallion, and their battle against his cancer.

Just released! Ellie’s second book can be purchased Here. Or on our “Shop” Tab.

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Everyone deals with loss. Goodbye Horse, by Ellie Troutman and featured at our children’s imprint, Twin Sisters Press, takes on the subject in a touching and uplifting manner. Goodbye Horse shows Ellie’s journey with her favorite horse who must face a terminal illness. If you have young children dealing with the loss of a loved one, this book can help them through the tough times.