The Tails of Windy Meadows

Hello, I’m Ellie. This is my first book and I hope these stories will open the gates of Windy Meadows, and the stalls of our delightful horses, to horse lovers everywhere.

I grew up with horses and understand the importance they can play in young peoples lives. As a child I delivered newspapers and cut grass to earn money to ride. For the past 25 years I have trained and showed horses. Please enjoy and we hope to hear from you. — Meet the Characters Below!



The Tails of Windy Meadows is a children’s story book about a single day on this beautiful horse farm located in the heart of Kentucky Bluegrass. The stories are told through the eyes and experiences of the colorful horses and other characters who live in its barns.

Windy Meadows is a real horse farm located in LaGrange KY. Matem, Twist, Princess, Guess Who and all the characters are real. You can schedule a tour  and visit all the horses by appointment.

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Meet The Characters- 

Matem (“Muh-Tim”) – National Champion Native Costume

Matem +//:

Birthday May 7, 1990 Birth place: Canada

Show Career started in 1993

Disciplines: Driving, Native Costume, English Pleasure and Country English Pleasure.

National Titles: 13 US National Titles 1 Canadian Reserve National Champion

Favorite color: purple

Favorite snack: ANY

Mathem’s mind drifts back to his show career and his sparkly maroon and gold native costume. These are his very favorite memories.

The music grows louder. Spotlights dance. Wind rushes into my flared nostrils. Fast at the canter. My tail is floating clear off the ground, and then faster to the gallop. My velvet costume billowing, gold tassels flowing and spinning, adorned with beads and crystals. Horses to my left and horses to my right. You won’t pass me. I charge up through my bridle, the bit in my teeth. A true bedouin’s delight. The music slows and the lights dim, telling us it’s time to line up for inspection.

“Head to tail,” the announcer calls out, so everyone watching can see the magnificent costumes and the judges can compare each one.

I’ve got my place in line. I keep shifting my weight back and forth, resting a back foot, anything to keep from being so nervous. My feet just won’t stand still. My heart is racing wildly. I’ve got to know. Did I win?

“Matem.” “Matem.”

Charley – Reserve National Champion

3/4/99 – 2014
Birthplace Alamogordo, New Mexico

Show career began 2005

4 National Titles Including 2007 US Reserve National Champion

Charlie is a 15.3 Hand– Palomino gelding. (a hand is a unit of measurement each hand equals 4 inches) how tall is Charlie in inches? 61.2

No time to waste. Anyone ready for a workout? I’m starting mind now. Long strands of blond mane bouncing about, Charley starts a few horse-style jumping jacks, some carido running in place, a little yoga balancing on hind legs, then standing on his front feet.

Whoa! Whoa! I’m losing my balance. POW! Exercising too close to the wall. Darn, I kicked the front of the stall again. Miss Ellie won’t be very happy. She says I am impatient for my food and that my behavior is a bad example to the colts, but she just doesn’t get it. I’m trying to start my workout. It just happens to be at feeding time and, of course, I wouldn’t want to be skipped. Oh, no, it’s to late!

Twist- The Most Beautiful Horse In The World

Twist’s registered name is HA White Heat

DOB 4/30/1994

Born: Colorado Springs Colorado

Disciplines: Halter, Western and ladies sidesaddle

Height: 15.2 hands tall.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite snack: Carrot

Here come Miss Ellie. Beauty treatement time! Yeah, hoof shine, tail conditioner, mane tamer. Give me the works, my lady!

Slipping the brown leather halter over Twist’s silky gray head and resting it just behind his ears, with a hand on each side of his face, Miss Ellie leans close.

“You do know you are the most beautiful horse on this farm, Twist?” She plants a kiss on his well-chiseled cheek.

World, you mean world! I’m the most beautiful horse in the world. Are you forgetting all my halter championships? Those are beauty contests. You must be beautiful to win.

Twist returns the peck on the cheek with a big sloppy lick.

Sneaky Pete

 4/30/1994 – 9/28/2011

Born: Born Austin Texas

Disciplines: Western Pleasure

Region 14 JOTR Champion
Region 14 JTR Champion
Showed at Youth Nationals 2008


Favorite color: Green

Favorite snack: Nicker Maker Treats

Every meal is the most important one of the day for you. It’s not so exciting when you’re on a special diet, grumbles Sneaky Pete, also a bright red chestnut with a large white blaze, but far more serious then Matem.

One again the metal tap. Feed pours into stall 19’s feeder. Instead of the rain of oats and corn, it’s more like the splat of a bucket full of plain oatmeal.

Soaked beet pulp…yuck! frowns Sneaky Pete.

Princess – Horse Dog

PrincessAuroraA Registered Name: KhemosbayPrincess

Birthday 8/15/1997

Birth place: Magnolia Texas

Favorite color: Red

Favorite snack: Carrot

Guess Who stands up to get a better look. Oh, wow, a baby.

You mean a foal, I’m a foal, not a baby. A filly to be exact, the voice returns.

Great, that’s what this place needs. Another sassy girl horse. I’d better get back to my nap.

Wait a minute, young man. A mare’s voice comes from the same stall. It’s the kindest, softest, most beautiful voice Guess Who has ever heard. He truns around to see a face that matches the voice. Huge, dark, sparkly eyes with long curly eyelashes stare back at him.

My name is Princess, the mare says gently. She leans down to nuzzle her foal, who filps her bushy tail and scurries behind her mother.

Of course it is. What other name could she have?

Guess Who – High Stepping Hackney Pony


“Bubba” Won The World Grand Championship Horse Show at the Ky State Fair in 2008 as a Road Pony Under Saddle!

Guess Who spins around on his hind legs in excitement.

I hope I am on today’s schedule. Oh it’s starting to get busy. I love busy, It’s so exciting! Busy, busy, busy.

Bravo- The Cowboy’s Horse

My name is Bravo. I was not left. I was bought at the show. My owner put up a sign that had my picture on it and the words “FOR SALE.” He promised me a good home. I was rasied on a South Carolina horse farm near the ocean.

Life was good, but when it was time to start my training, they had it all wrong. Everyone was sure I would follow in the hoof prints of my English Champion parents. But I dreamed of belonging to a cowboy.

Ernie – The Corgi

The Chubbiest Most Loving Corgi in the world!

2003- 2018, Forever Missed.


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